Compounds and Formulas and energy changes

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Question Answer
what does an exothermic reaction do? releases heat energy into the surroundings, causing temp to increase
what do endothermic reactions do? absorb thermal energy causing surrounding temp to decrease
give examples of an exothermic reaction combustion, respiration, neutralization of acids with alkalis, reaction of metals with acids.
give examples of endothermic reactions thermal decomposition, photosynthesis, some types of electrolysis
what is a compound? a substance formed when 2 or more atoms chemically bond
what are the formulas for: carbon dioxide carbon monoxide water methane CO2 CO H2O CH4
what is the formula magnesium chloride? mg(2+) + Cl(-) = MgCl2
what is a synthesis reaction? when a compound is formed from 2 simpler reactants
give the symbol equation for magnesium+oxygen=magnesium oxide 2Mg(2+) + O2(-)= 2MgO
what is a decomposition? a reaction where a compound breaks down into 2 or more simpler products (usually requires energy- light, electrolysis/heat, thermal decomposition)