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Apresentação oral #1


Tentei fazer uma boa apresentação e original , então pensei em coriosidades de um pais.
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Inicial I´m gonna talk about Canada , but in a different away . i´m gonna say ten curiositiies about Canada
1. Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia
2. The Canada politic is one democracy and a monarchy , with queen elizabeth being the head of state
3. Canada name have origin in "KANATA", is an indigenous canadian word meaning "village" or "small territorie" , ironic , because is the second largest country in the world
4. Canada is official bilingual , two languages are spoken , English and french , when you go in a supermarket for example , have two languages always .
5. Every year Canada receives millions of letters to santa claus of childreens.
6. Fourty-five percent of labour force in Canada are womans , since more than half of all married women work outside the home.
7. Basquetebol are created and played to first time in united states , but the creator was canadian
8. Canada is the one of most peaceful country in the world , are in eight place
9. The symbol of Canada is the beaver
10. People in Churchill , one town with a lot of polar beers , leave their cars doors unlocked in case their neighbors need to make a quick scape from polar beers.
FINAL WORD AND IT IS , thank you and think about going see polar beers in Canada
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