Body Systems - Nervous, Endocrine, Immune

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Nonsteriods(2nd type of hormone) Can't pass through cell membranes so they attach to the outside of the membrane at receptor cites.
Nervous System Structures Cells -> Tissues -> Organs -> Organ Systems -> Organisms
Hormone-Insulin Secreted from the pancreas when there is too much glucose in the blood. It lowers the sugar levels.
Homeostasis Maintaining a stable internal environment (all 3 systems help to accomplish this)
Immune System The body system that uses various cells and antibodies to protect the organism against disease.
Macrophage (1st type of immune cell) White blood cells who surround and eat invading pathogens.
T-Cells Help coordinate the immune system: 2 kinds
Helper T-Cells Fetch killer T-Cells and antibodies.
Killer T-Cells Kill the host cells that are infected with the virus.
B-Cells (3rd type of immune cell) They make antibodies.
Antigens "Tags" on the pathogen that sets off the immune alarm
Pathogen Invading disease: A virus or harmful bacteria
Hormones Chemicals that affect the activities of other target cells.
Steriods(1st type of hormone) These are made from lipids and easily cross cell membranes. They then enter the nucleus and bind with DNA.
What does the endocrine system do? This system, which is composed of glands, secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream.
Endocrine System Function is to broadcast messages throughout the body.
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