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Cases that involved language discrimination
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Poskocil case School district based its decision to not hire Poskocil b/c of student evaluations - Student: "Poskocil" barely spoke English and was hard to understand." - Plaintiff failed to demonstrate that the county discriminated against her - Funny thing was, she was applying to teach Spanish, so why does it matter if she spoke 'perfect' English
Galdamez v. John Potter Postmaster
Derach v. Indiana Department of Highways "like normal people with normal language"
Rodriguez v. City of Hialeah "speak English like in the Queens, New York, not Little Havana."
Xieng v. People's National Bank of Washington Xieng could not be promoted (even through extensive good feedbacks and experience) because he could not speak "American"
Fragante v. Honolulu "we felt applicants selected would not be better able to work in our office because of their communication skills."
Title VII Permits an employer to reject qualified applicants of a particular national origin as long as he hires more assimilated applicants of the same origin instead
Right to be Different The way we talk, whether it is a life choice or an immutable characteristic, is akin to other attributes of the self that the law protects. In privacy law, due process law, protection against cruel and unusual punishment, and freedom from inquisition, we can say the state cannot intrude upon the core of you, cannot take away your sacred place of the self. A citizen’s accent, I would argue, resides in one of those places
Fair Housing Act Prohibits the discrimination of any member of a protected class, including religion, age, disability, gender, and race
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