Human impacts in tropical rainforests

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Rich base of MINERAL RESOURCES in the Amazon rainforest, IRON is most abundant. It is exported for steel making. Gold, platinum, copper, lead and bauxite for ALUMINIUM. Vast acres are CLEARED to gain access to these reserves. HYDRO-ELECTRIC power stations are built.
Demand for TROPICAL HARDWOODS like ROSEWOOD and MAHOGANY. Random logging means means for every tree cut down, at least 30 more may be destroyed in the process. High prices for these woods. FIVE MILLION HECTARES of forest are lost EVERY YEAR as a result.
Since 1950, TWO THIRDS of the Amazons LOWLAND FOREST have been turned into PASTURE. In the last 10 years an area the size of PORTUGAL has been cleared. The QUALITY of grass DECLINES as the NUTRIENTS are LOST from the soil. Many RANCHES have INCREASED IN SIZE as a result of this.
Sinze the 1970sm the Brazillian government have encouraged landless people to live in the rainforest. This means people clear the forest for sustinence farming. This has been unsuccessful due to INFERTILE SOIL - with no forest canopy, there is nothing to replenish the soil with nutrients.
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