Equations to memorize for Ch. 6


Equations to memorize ch 6
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Area Between Curves
Area Taken using y axis
Volume by slicing
The method of disks is a specific case of the method of washers where the inner function is zero, i.e., f2(x) = 0. Method of disks
What is the difference between disk and washer methods with cylindrical?
Describe a plane curve A plane curve, is a curve in a plane. And we want to find a length to this curve.
List the three arc length formulas 1. with respect to x, y = f(x) 2. with respect to y, x = g(y) 3. parametrically
Write out completely 3 arc length formulas
List 3 types of Force. Then circle the two most important 1) Constant 2) springs 3) liquid pumping
Give examples of what we should look out when integrating enery : Be careful with the distance and the limits of integration. The overall work in lifting liquid should be a positive amount of energy
F(x) has what units, What do these units equal? ForceXlength= Energy
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