Restless earth- volcanoes at hotspots

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What is a hot spot? When volcanoes occur in the middle of a plate
What national park in the USA lies over a hotspot? Yellowstone National Park
What are the characteristics of a shield volcano? They have gentle slopes and a wide base. The lava is very runny.
What are the characteristics of a Composite volcano? Layers of ash and lava. Steep sided, comical shape. Viscous/thick lava Very explosive eruptions
Which sea is the island if Montserrat in? The Caribbean sea
What's the capital of Montserrat? Plymouth
What is the volcano called in Montserrat? Soufriere Hills
What were the primary effects of the volcanic eruption in Montserrat? (1997) 2/3 of the island was covered in ash and lava. Villages destroyed- homeless people. Infrastructure destroyed. 19 people killed. Land was made infertile
What are the secondary effects of the eruption in Montserrat? (1997) People have to live in crowded public houses- poor as sanitation, few schools, no jobs etc. Country reliant on the UK for money. People became ill and stressed. Industries suffer.
What are positive impacts of volcanic eruptions? Lava and ash weather to give a deep and fertile soil. Volcanic eruptions can give land Some volcanoes attract tourists. Some volcanoes produce pumice and sulphur.
What is a pyroclastic flow? Fast flowing clouds of hot gas, ash and rocks travelling up to 100mph, and destroying everything in its path. (Scawee) :,(
What is the most powerful eruption recorded in history? Mt Tambora in Indonesia
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