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mood boards mood boards are used to gather and sort ideas for products and projects. these usually include the following fonts, photographs, themes, graphics etc.
Mind Maps use:To show the development of ideas and how an idea can be broken down into a number of individual categories. they may be used to show options for one idea based around a central theme or any of the resources needed for diffrent parts of the project. Mind maps, like mood Boards can be created by hand or by using software. There used by designers, people planning any type or or project or those in charge of managing all those resources for a project overall. purpose: .content of a media product . development route for a product. . Range of resources/equipment needed. . show the connection of the components in a creative imedia product Content: mind maps don't have as much content as other documents but generally include the following. :Central theme (word or image) :Branches on key themes :Sub branches from each theme
Visualisation diagrams. A visualisation diagram is a drawing created by hand or digitally showing what something will look like when it has been created. This type of preproduction often develops from rough sketches into something far more detailed by the final design. Visualisation diagrams are used to plan the layout of images such as posters or websites. they can also be used to plan things like costumes or characters for animated film, create new car designs or to design any product that will be made to allow time to tweak the design before production. Purpose: visualise a range of ideas for a product. Edit designs based on discussions with client. Adjust ideas from one design to the next. Content: the content may vary from one product to another but should include: logo, title, images, suitable text, Annotations etc.
Story boards A Story board is a series of drawings created by hand or digitally using a computer with explanations accompanying the drawings explaining what is happening in each scene. they can be used to help plan an animation, video, TV show or or anything that includes moving images. Storyboards for film in particular will go into great detail and are used to help organise filming as you can visualise what each scene will look like and get an understanding of what resources will be needed to record each scene. Purpose: Answers on the purpose of a storyboard will generally link to the theme but may include: pictures of the scene and characters make it easy to visualise the situation. Provide information such as timings for scene. Content: The content of a storyboard may differ depending on what product it is being used to plan however a typical storyboard will include the following content: Number of scenes, scene content, timings, camera shots, camera movement, lighting, sound and locations.
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