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Repaso de can, could y be able to en inglés.

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CAN something is posible or allowed only for present or past (could) Present perfect - to be able to
Can't=cannot I can't do this. I couldn't do this. I haven't been able to do this.
Be able to / Managed to capable to do stg in a special situation Although I didn't know the rules I was able to win the match.
Could - past for can I could hear that noise. - for make suggestions for now and future (possibility now or in the future) We could go to the cinema - not realistic actions I could slep for a week
Could have done - for the past I was so tired I could have slept whole day. - stg was possible but did not happened I could have got you a ticket (but I didn't)
Couldn't - sth not possible now I couldn't live in the City. I hate it
Couldn't have - for the past I was on Holidays. It couldn't have been better.
CAN I can + infinitive I can't + Infinitive Can I + infinitive
Could I could + infinitive I couldn't + infinitive Could + I + infinitive
Could have I could have been ... I could have + erd I couldn't have + erd
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