Biology Regents Facts

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This is my Flashcard Deck that discusses some Biology Regents facts and notes for the NY State Regents

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Question Answer
What are amino acids? Individual units that bond together to form a protein (polypeptide)
What do enzymes do? Break apart (digest) or put together (synthesize) the substrate into products. They cause chemical reactions within certain temp. ranges
T/F Each type of nutrient is digested by all types of enzymes False, each type of nutrient is digested by only one kind of enzyme. protease- protien
Are bacteria Prokaryotic or Eukaryotic? What don't they have? Do they have a single loop of DNA? Prokaryotic cells which lack a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles. Yes!
T/F The nucleus contains DNA in prokaryotic cells False! The nucleus contains DNA in EUKARYOTIC cells
Where are chloroplasts found? autotrophic cells (make their own food: Plants) that produce glucose (SUGAR) in the process of photosynthesis
What is the mitochondria's nickname? "powerhouse"
What do mitochondrion do? Makes energy (ATP) from glucose; this is called cellular respiration. Glucose comes from photosynthesis by plants and algae
What are Enzymes? Protein molecules that help speed up chemical reactions
T/F The 3D shape of a molecule is important for its proper functioning True
What are Monosaccharides? The units that join to form a Polysaccharide (aka starch)