Español I: Lección Uno


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The word for "Excuse me". (Can also mean "Sorry") Perdón
The word for "Ms." Señorita
The word for "English" Inglés
Translate: "Do you understand?" (2nd person singular, formal version) Entiende usted?
Translate: "Do you understand?" (2nd person, singular) (Tú) entiendes?
Word for "No" No (stays the same)
Word for "Sir" Señor
Translate: "I understand." (Yo) entiendo.
Word for "Spanish" Español
Word for "Yes"
Conjugate: 1st person singular for "Hablar" ("To speak") Hablo (I speak)
Conjugate: 2nd person singular for "Hablar" ("To speak") Hablas (You speak)
Translate: "Do you speak English?" (Using 2nd person singular, formal version) Usted habla inglés?
Words for "A little" Un poco
Word for "North American" (Referring to a male) Norteamericano
Word for "North American" (Referring to a female) Norteamericana
Word for "You" (2nd person, singular"
Word for "You" (2nd person singular, formal version) Usted
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