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Name the 9 online services Communication Real time info Business Government Entertainment VLE Download services Commerce Education
Identify 3 different types of of online communication Any 3 from: Email Social Networks Conferencing Blogs Vlogs
Give an example and a benefit of a Real Time Service online Provides up to date information for travel services such as planes and trains. If there is a delay then the timetable will update to show the delay. Online booking systems - these should be a real time service so that the ticket is allocated on the confirmation click rather than a delay during which the ticket could be sold again in error!
What does the term 'commerce' mean as an online service? Give 3 examples of online commerce sites. Commerce means dealing with the transfer of money - therefore banking, online auctions or sites that allow you to purchase items fall into this type of service. Eg: Amazon - Purcahse online HBOS - Online banking EBAY - Online auctions
What is video conferencing and which service would it come under? Video conferencing would be in the business service catagory but could also be included in the communications service. It is the method of have an online meeting via the internet. It can be a meeting with offices or people all over the world at the same time. This results in a massive saving in travel costs etc..
What is the main advantage of any of the online services? You can access work, do shopping, search for items and talk to people etc without leaving your home. All of these things can be done by the click of a button from the computer or device at home.
What service would the BBC iPlayer be classed as? What are the advantages of these types of service and can you name some others. BBC iPlayer - Entertainment You can watch tv programmes at any time after they have been shown on TV. You can choose to watch them in one go or over a number of viewings. More control over your leisure viewing time. Another example in this service is online gaming in which you can play against other people around the world.
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