Stress Vocabulary Advanced test

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Stress Vocabulary Advanced test

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Adrenaline -The boss asks us as the last minute to give a complex presentation or the ones-associated with a thrill such as parachuting out of an aeroplane; it just releases a chemical called adrenaline a chemical produced by the body when we feel excited or frightened Fright = fear Frighten = scare
awareness = knowledge These symptoms are unpleasant because they cause discomfort, but they can also be helpful, as we can use them to increase our awareness of the sources of anxiety. the state of knowing about sth
burst = explosion a short period of of emotion or energy
Exposure the state of having no protection from sth
immune system the parts and processes of the body that fight illness
Thrill = excitement a sudden feeling of excitement or pleasure
Vaccination A medicine given to prevent disease
Alert very awake and aware
Chronic And indeed, chronic stress is a proven cause of many major health problems such as heart disease and cancer. lasting for a long time
Clinical relating to the treatment of patients
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