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Question Answer
to find the volume of a cuboid, you must get the length, width and height and times them together! if you want to make a cuboid that will contain 500cm3 ( half a liter) then first you must get 3 whole numbers that timed together will make 500. ( 25x5x4)
to write a number in standerd form is also called standerd index form. the first number must be between 1-10 times the power of 10. 6.8752 x10 (4)= 68752 67.2 = 6.72 x10 (1) 8.2 x10 (-3) = 0.0082 because there are 3 zeros going back.
congruent shapes are shapes that are the same length and size but in a different position. !
transformations means you can change shapes. one is reflection. looks the same but facing a different way. needs a line of reflection. translation- change- vector [2] [3] top is left or right and bottom is up or down. stays the same. enlargement has area or volume change. gets bigger or smaller.
substituting into expression- replace the letters in an expression by numbers. 1
sum= + product= x difference=- consecutive= one after the other. average speed means how far you go in an hour.
to multiply decimals- 1. remove decimal point 2.multiply normally 3.put in the number of decimal points that were in the question and into the answer 2
equation of any line- y=mx+c m= gradient c= when the line crosses the y axis. 3