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Geography The study of earth, its features, and its people
Exact Location The Exact spot on earth where something is found
Relative Location The location of something in relation to another geographic feature or place
Climate The average weather conditions of a region over a period of time. Climate is defined primarily by temperature and precipitation
Glacier A giant sheet of moving ice
Equator The imaginary circle around the middle of the earth located halfway between the north and south poles from which latitude is measured
Prime Meridian The imaginary line running through Greenwich, England from which longitude is measured
International Date line The 180 degree meridian that runs mostly through the pacific ocean. It is at this point that the day changes--to the east of this line the day is one day earlier than it is to the west.
Plates Large section of the earth's crust that move and behave as individual pieces.
Culture The way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs
Civilization An advanced state of human development marked by progress in the arts and sciences, literature, technology, and complex political and social institutions.
Reservation A tract of land set apart by the federal government for a special purpose.
Indigenous Originated in or native to a particular region. This often refers to the people descended from an area's first inhabitants.
Flora All of the plant life occurring in a particular region.
Fauna All of the animal life occurring in a particular region.
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