Surgical Prefixes

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Suffixes commonly used for surgical procedures and tools along with their pronunciation

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-Centesis sĕn-TĒ-sĭs puncture procedure
-clasis KLẶ-sĭs to break or fracture
-desis DĒ-sĭs binding, affixing together
-ectomy ĔK-tŏ-mē process or act of excising, cutting out
-lysis lĭ-sĭs destruction, breaking apart
-pexy pĕk-sē affixation
-plasty plăs-tē (surgical) repair
-rrhaphy RĂ-fē suture
-stomy stō-mē creation of an incision or opening (mouth)
-tome tōm instrument to cut
-tomy tō-mē process or act of making an incision
-tripsy trĭp-sē process or act of crushing or destroying
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