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what is a PLD draw what it looks like 1) It is a programmable logic device, it uses and or gates Inputs are fed into the AND array, which is then fed into an OR array.
List the 6 advantages of using a PLD -less board space -faster -low power consumption -cheaper assembly -highly reliable -free software available
what is the symbols for AND and OR gates in a PLD
What are the 3 types of PLD's PROM (programmable read only memory ) PAL (programmable array logic) PLA (programmable logic array)
Explain the operation of PROM - it has a fixed AND array -it has programmable OR gates
Explain the operation of PAL -It has programmable AND array -it has Fixed OR array
Explain the operation of PAL -It has both programmable AND array and OR array
how does a PLA work? The AND & OR gates inside are 'fused' until programmed by the user, using boolean functions. -it uses a group of K AND gates each of 2n inputs
what does CPLD stand for? what is it? Complex programmable logic device -Contains multiple blocks of PLD's connected together using a global interconnection matrix -Each block can be programmed as can the Global matrix
Draw a CPLD
what are the types of FPGA's? 1. Programmable logic structure, 2. Programmable routing structure 3. Programmable Input/Output (I/O).
what is a Programmable logic structure? its a 2 dimensional array of configurable logic block (clb)
what is a Programmable routing structure ? they allow for flexible interconnection of CLB's
what is Programmable Input/Output (I/O)? they are mainly buffers input, output or in/outputs they allow the pins of the FPGA to function.
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