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The Story of Tom Brennan By J.C Burke This intimate and impressively realistic fictional novel follows the life of a young teenage boy, Tom, who's family and community is rocked by tragic wrong-doings of an 'accident waiting to happen'. The novel cleverly explores the transitions and changes of not only Tom, but everyone surrounding him.
Prologue In the prologue, the Brennan family direly flee their home town in the early hours of the morning with nothing but haunting silhouettes to accompany them. The author captures and intrigues the audience from the word 'go' as she uses the prologue as a tool to develop mystery, fascination, and interest.
Body Recovery for all involved is slow and strenuous. Tom transitions and develops immensely from the accident as he moves from being a troubled, tormented teen who cant even stand the thought of seeing his imprisoned brother, to a person of acceptance and resilience who wishes "to see Daniel this weekend"
Things that aid Tom's recovery and growth - Discovering he can play rugby without his unbeatable partnership Daniel - running with his uncle Brendan and the possible trip to conquer the Himalayan mountains - seeing Daniel drag himself back from the brink of suicide - finding love amidst the chaos
Technique; flashbacks Beginning in the bleak and depressive present, Burke uses flashbacks to show glimpses of Tom's recent past when the story comes together like a jigsaw. The author is able to tell a story within a story and juxtapose the past and present personalities of Tom which makes his transition even more apparent
Technique; first person narration Tom's perspective is the main one being illustrated. His unbiased views enable all sides of the story to be told; both of the victims and perpetrator. This inclusive view encourages the reader to see everyone's situations as they really are, and explore the many lives affected by the accident
Technique; motifs Hills and mountains are reoccurring images throughout the story which come to symbolise Tom's struggles and journey. Inspiringly enough, Tom see's these obstacles as challenges that only come easier with effort and through running with Brendan, he becomes better at reaching the peak and ultimately better at coping with the consequences of his brothers actions. Significantly, Tom and Brendan aim to visit Nepal and conquer world-famous mountains - this exemplifies the extent of Tom's successful change and transition
Key quotes: "I'm not saying Daniel was innocent, what he did was wrong, very wrong, but he was no criminal" The combination of the qualifying "but", juxtaposition of innocent/criminal, and repetition of "wrong" demonstrate Tom's neutral view on the situation. He sees it as it is, acknowledges the severity of his brothers actions, but lightens the situation by refusing to call him a criminal because of the circumstances
Key quotes: "'The accident', he sighed, 'how could I go?'" This is dialogue from Brendan (Tom's Uncle). It demonstrates the damage of the accident because it shows how it's affected even the littlest of characters. The rhetorical question evokes emotions of helplessness and demonstrates his internal conflict with helping the Brennan family, and leaving to start his life with his partner.
Key quote: "one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind. 'cause today, for my family, that's what it was like" Upon seeing his mother get out of bed for the first time since the accident, Tom internally expresses this. The almost hyperbolic nature of this quote shows the severity of depression that Tom's mother is experiencing. It shows progress of her slow change from being a morbid and neglectful vegetable, to being an active and compassionate mother.
Key quote: "That was the morning we swam and loved each other, and that was the morning Tom Brennan came back, forever." Swimming and making love to Chrissy rejuvenated Tom physically and emotionally. This quote significantly ends Tom's journey and demonstrates his successful transition into a mature, resilient and accepting young man where the tragic events of the past left him depressed, introverted and conflicted.
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