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ACC Authorial Message: Through promoting Christian benevolence for all mankind, poverty and injustice can be eradicated. Macbeth Authroial Message: All men are ssusceptible to the corruptive power of ambition.
ACC Key Context Buzz Words: - Victorian Christian Society - Social Injustice - 1843 Poor Law - Victims of the industrial revolution - Family values, Benevolence, Generosity Macbeth Key Context Buzz Words: - Supernatural - Corruptive power of ambition - Divine right of Kings - Great Chain of Being - Treason/Regicide
ACC Scrooge Beginning 'As solitary as an oyster' 'tightfisted' 'As hard and sharp as flint' Macbeth Macbeth Beginning 'Brave Macbeth' 'Black and deep desires'
ACC Scrooge Middle 'Scrooge wept to see his former self,' 'Another idol has displaced you.' Macbeth Macbeth Middle 'He's here in double trust' 'Sleep no more! Macbeth hath murdered sleep'
ACC Scrooge End (of Stave 3) 'Will he live?' Macbeth Macbeth End 'By the pricking of my thumbs' 'For I have cowed my better part of man'
ACC Poverty/Social Injustice 'if they should die, then they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population' 'A golden one' 'Will he live?' Macbeth Lady Macbeth 'Unsex me here' 'Art thou a man? 'Out damn spot!'
ACC Redemption 'I think I'd rather not' 'I wish' 'Spirit conduct me where you will' Macbeth Heroism/Good vs Evil/Kingship 'Brave Macbeth' 'Black and deep desires' 'Black Macbeth' 'For I hath cowed my better part of man'
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