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Online Documents - Compressing Files When working with Cloud storage files frequently need to be downloaded and uploaded. This can become a problem when file sizes get way too large, the speed of delivery can slow down and network usage can increase massively. A common method of solving these problems is to compress the file into a .zip format using programs such as WinRar, WinZip and 7zip. There are many different algorithms for doing compressions with programs like WinRar supporting multiple. The last item in a Zip file is an index which shows the placement of data files and allows others to be added. Zip files often contain some form of program code to allow themselves to be unzipped.
Online Documents - Collaborative Working Collaborative working is all about sharing the access to a certain document/set of documents. A document can be hosted online allowing it to be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and via different devices and Operating Systems. Online files can be automatically backed up so you always have the file even if you accidently lose it.
Online Documents - Version Control Collaborative working relies heavily on making sure all users have the most up to date version. This can be done through version control where only one user can be editing the file at any one time and everyone else is blocked out. A system administrator can also allocate file permission levels to certain users. For example some people can be given read-only access, some may be able to edit and read files (read/write access)while others could add or delete files freely with full control.
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