1.2 OSI Layers

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1.2 Explain devices, applications, protocols and services at their appropriate OSI layers.

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1.2 OSI Layers Quiz
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OSI Model A model for understanding and developing computer-to-computer communication, it divides networking functions among seven layers: 1.Physical, 2.Data Link, 3.Network, 4.Transport, 5.Session, 6.Presentation, and 7.Application.
Layer 1 Physical layer - responsible for taking 1s and 0s and encoding them into a digital signal for transmission on the network segment. - Hubs and repeaters see only bits
Layer 2 Data Link - provides framing and placing of data on the network medium. - switches and bridges understand and make decisions based on Layer 2 addresses
Layer 3 Network Layer - Provides logical network addressing and routing through an internetwork - Routers deal with Layer 3 addresses
Layer 4 Transport Layer - Provides segmentation, sequencing, and virtual circuits.
Layer 5 Session Layer - upper layer - responsible for communicating from a user interface to an application
Layer 6 Presentation
Layer 7 Application