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Week 1 bertemu Week 1 to meet, to have an encounter
Week 1 menemui Week 1 to meet someone, to encounter someone, to experience someone/something
Week 1 menemukan Week 1 to find something, discover something, invent something
Week 1 mempertemukan Week 1 to bring together, to match up
Week 1 pertemuan Week 1 a meeting, an encounter, a coming together, a gathering
Week 1 penemuan Week 1 a discovery, an invention, the discovering/inventing of something
Week 1 penemu Week 1 a discoverer, an inventor of something
Week 2 ingat Week 2 to remember, to think of something
Week 2 mengingatkan Week 2 to remind someone
Week 2 memperingatkan Week 2 to warn someone, to caution someone
Week 2 memperingati Week 2 to commemorate something
Week 2 peringatan Week 2 a warning, reminder, admonition
Week 2 ingatan Week 2 memory, recollection, thoughts
Week 3 nyata Week 3 clear, tangible, real
Week 3 kenyataan Week 3 reality, fact
Week 3 pernyataan Week 3 statement, declaration, expression
Week 3 menyatakan Week 3 to state, to express, declare something
Week 3 ternyata Week 3 it turned out that, evidently
Week 4 berbuat Week 4 to do, act, behave (in a certain way)
Week 4 membuat Week 4 to make, produce, cause (v)
Week 4 buataan (1) Week 4 product of, made in (n)
Week 4 buataan (2) Week 4 fabricated, artificial (n)
Week 4 perbuatan Week 4 an act, deed, action (n)
Week 4 pembuatan Week 4 the producing, making of something (v)
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