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Aller~ To go. Je vais~ I go Tu vas~ You go Il/Elle/On va~ He/She/One goes Nous allons~We go Vous Allez~ You go [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles vont.~They go [boys/girls]
Avoir~ To have. J'ai~ I have. Tu as~ You have. Il/Elle/On a~ He/She/one has. Nous Avons~ We have Vous Avez~ You have [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles ont~ They have [boys/girls]
Boire~ To drink Je bois~ I drink Tu bois~ You drink. Il/Elle/On boit~ He/She/ One drinks. Nous buvons~ We drink Vous buvez~ You drink [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles boivent
Devoir~ To have to Je dois~ I have to Tu dois~ You have to Il/Elle/On doit~ He/She/One has to. Nous devons~ We have to Vous devez~ You have to [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles doivent~ They have to [boys/girls]
Dire~ To say Je dis~ I say Tu dis~ You say Il/Elle/On dit~ He/She/One says Nous disons~ We say Vous dites~ You say [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles disent~ They say [boys/girls]
Dormir~ To sleep Je dors~ I sleep Tu dors~ You sleep Il/Elle/On dort~ He/She/One sleeps Nous dormons~ We sleep Vous dormez~ You sleep [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles dorment~ They sleep [boys/girls]
être~ to be Je suis~ I am Tu es~ You are Il/Elle/On est~ He/She/One is Nous sommes~ We are Vous êtes~ You are [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles sont~ They are [boys/girls]
Faire~ To do/Make Je Fais~ I do/Make Tu fais~You do/Make Il/Elle/On Fait~ He/She/One does/makes Nous faissons~ We do/make Vouz faissez~ You do/make [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles Font~ They go [boys/girls]
Lire~ To Read Je lis~ I read Tu lis~ You read. Il/Elle/On lit~ He/She/One reads. Nous lissons ~ We read. Vous lisez~ You read [plural/stranger] Ils/Elles Lisent~ They read [boys/girls]