Spanish Adjectives (Describing People)

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Adjectives used to describe people in Spanish.

Niat Habtemariam
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Question Answer
aburrido(a) boring
activo(a) active
alto(a) tall
antipático(a) unfriendly
atlético(a) athletic
bajo(a) short
bonito(a) pretty
malo(a) bad
bella pretty
cómico(a) funny
extrovertido(a) outgoing
gracioso(a) witty
guapo(a) good-looking
intelectual intellectual
inteligente intelligent
moreno(a) dark-haired; dark-skinned
pelirrojo(a) red-headed
perezoso(a) lazy
romántico(a) romantic
flojo lazy
rubio(a) blond
serio(a) serious
simpático(a) friendly
tímido(a) shy
tonto(a) silly, foolish
trabajador(a) hard-working
gordo(a) fat
flaco(a) skinny
delgado(a) skinny
grande big
bueno(a) good
viejo(a) old
joven young
pequeño small
feo(a) ugly
bastante pretty, quite (+adjective)
muy very
también also
un poco a little