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Computer hardware, memory and storage


These flashcards are all about computing memory, hardware and storage.
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WHAT IS A COMPUTER SYSTEM? A collection of hardware and software that work together.
WHAT DOES RAM STAND FOR AND WHAT DOES IT DO? Random Access Memory. Used to store program instruction and data that are currently being used by the processor.
WHAT DOES ROM STAND FOR AND WHAT DOES IT DO? Read Only Memory. retains data even when the power is switched off.
WHAT DOES THE MOTHERBOARD HOLD? Holds both the Processor and RAM.
WHAT DOES THE PROCESSOR (CPU) HOLD? The purpose of a processor is to process data by executing instructions. It coordinates other parts of a computer system.
WHAT DOES A HARD DISK DO? stores data.
WHAT IS CLOCK SPEED AND WHAT IS IT MEASURED IN? it represents the number of instructions the cpu can perform and it is measured in HZ.
WHAT DOES DUAL CORE AND QUAD CORE MEAN? dual core - can perform two tasks quad core - can perform four tasks simultaneously.
WHAT IS CACHE MEMORY AND HOW DOES IT IMPROVE A CPU? it is high speed memory in the cpu and it improves the operating speed by storing frequently used instructions.
WHY ARE OUTPUT DEVICES NEEDED? to communicate the result of processed data.
WHY IS SECONDARY STORAGE NEEDED? to store large amounts of data and programs that are not running on the cpu.
WHAT IS THE FETCH-EXECUTE SYSTEM? fetches instructions from main memory. decodes the instruction. executes the instruction.
WHY ARE INPUT DEVICES NEEDED? to send control signals to the computer.
WHAT FACTORS SHOULD YOU CONSIDER WHEN SELECTING A SECONDARY STORAGE DEVICE? how much it costs, portability, durability, speed and how much storage it has.
NAME THE USE, ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF MAGNETIC STORAGE use - in hard disks in computers. advantages - very reliable, high capacity, low cost. disadvantages - not portable, not very durable, has moving parts.
NAME THE USE, ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF OPTICAL STORAGE use - transfers files, distributing software advantages - low cost, light weight, portable. disadvantages - limited capacity, bad durability can be easily scratched.
NAME THE USE, ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SOLID STATE MEMORY use - found in cameras and phones. advantages - no moving parts, durable, large capacity, high read/write speed. disadvantages - more expensive.
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