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Components that are connected one after another on the same loop of the circuit are connected... series.
The current that flows through each component connected in series is... ...the same.
If Christmas tree lights all go out when one bulb breaks what type of circuit is this? Series Circuit.
What is a circuit? A closed loop through which current flows - from a power source, through a series of components, and back into the power source.
What is current? Moving electric charges, for example, electrons moving through a metal wire.
What is a fuse? An electrical component that protects circuits and electrical devices from overload by melting when the current becomes too high.
What is potential difference? The voltage between two points that makes an electric current flow between them.
Components that are connected on separate loops are connected in....... Parallel.
If the circuit is completed by the switch closing which bulb(s) will light? small__1_.png (image/png) Both.
Which circuits are series and which are parallel? large.png (image/png) The top two are series the bottom two are parallel.
The Oscilloscope trace shows which type of current? small__2_.png (image/png) Alternating current (A.C)
The Oscilloscope traces shows which type of current? small__3_.png (image/png) Direct Current (D.C)
What happens to the resistance of a filament bulb during normal operation? It increases as the current through it increases because the current increases the temperature.
If you know the potential difference of a cell, how would you work out the total potential of a battery made up of these cells? Add up the potential difference of each cell.
What is special about a thermistor? Resistance decreases if temperature increases.
What is a battery? Two or more cells connected together.
What is special about an LDR? Resistance decreases if the light intensity on it increases.
In a parallel circuit what is the relationship between the potential difference across each branch and the potential difference of the power source? They are the same.
How do you find the total resistance of all the components in a series circuits? Add up the individual resistances.
What is the definition of an electric current? The rate of flow of charge.
What does Ohm’s law state? The current through a resistor at constant temperature is directly proportional to the potential difference across the resistor.
What is the same at all points in a series circuit? Current.
How would you calculate resistance if you were given the potential difference across a component and the current flowing through it? R=V/I R = resistance, V = potential difference, I = current
What is the definition of power? The energy transferred per second.
How would you find the total current coming out of a cell in a parallel circuit? Add up the currents in each branch of the circuit.
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