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5 Tips to improve your writing 1-. Do NOT use contractions 2-. Avoid there is/there are 3-. Avoid words such as: really, very, a lot, so. 4-. Use active voice. 5-. Use strong verbs.
Parts of a paragraph 1-. Topic sentence. 2-. Body - Order of importance, or chronology. 3-. Closing sentence.
Passive voice vs. Active voice (P) Healthcare reforms were implemented by Obama. (A) Obama implemented healthcare reforms.
Use strong verbs Weak verb: He gave assistance to my friend Strong verb: He assisted my friend
3 expressions to improve your conversation skills. 1-. That reminds me 2-. If worse comes to worst 3-. To ring a bell - Remind you of something
Opinion expressions (instead of "I think") - If you ask me - In my opinion - It seems to me that -It appears to me that
Understand what you read in English 1-. Read quickly. Do not use a dictionary and underline the words you don't know. 2-. Read again, use dictionary. Summarize each paragraph. 3-. Read again. Summarize everything.
Tips for dealing with speaking anxiety 1-. Breathe 2-. Walk 3-. PRACTICE 4-. You don't need to be perfect! 5-. Use a speaking template 6-. I am a good speaker :)
Speaking template 1-. State personal preference 2-. Reason #1 "First of all," Detail for #1 3-. Reason #2 Detail for #2 4-. Reason #3 Detail for #3 5-. Conclusion "For these reasons"
Transitional Words To add extra information: additionally - as well - as well as - besides finally - furthermore - likewise
Transitional Words To give examples for example - as an example - in this case - in another case - in this situation - particularly - specifically - such as - to illustrate
Transitional Words To clarify the information you have presented I mean - in other words - To put it in another way - what I mean is
Transitional Words To present consequence as a result - for this reason - otherwise - therefore - thus
Transitional Words To generalize information and facts As usual - Generally - Generally speaking - Usually
Transitional Words To compare and contrast in contrast - instead - likewise - rather
Transitional Words To present sequential information first of all - first/second/third/last/lastly - in the first place - later on - meanwhile - then - simultaneously - while
Transitional Words To summarize after all - finally in a word - in any case - in short - in summary - lastly - on the whole - overall - to conclude - to summarize
Conclusion For these reasons - In summary/Therefore - In conclusion -
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