Forces: braking distance

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Newton's second law is? force = mass x acceleration
What is the equation for ACCELERATION? Acceleration = force / mass
Greater the mass of vehicle = The more force needed to accelerate
What are the opposing forces which build up during acceleration? Air resistance and friction.
In acceleration what do opposing forces build up to be equal to? FORWARD FORCE
Once equal to forward force what becomes constant? Velocity and momentum
What is needed to increase velocity? More forward force
To slow a vehicle down what must happen? More force applied in opposite direction
Applying the brakes does what? Slows vehicle down
What is braking distance? Distance car travels while brakes are applied
what has to be reduced during braking distance? Momentum
Two things which mean more force is needed to stop? 1)BIGGER MASS OF VEHICLE 2)FASTER MOVING VEHICLE
List 3 factors which affect braking distance? 1) WORN TYRES 2) ROAD CONDITIONS 3) WORN BRAKE PADS
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