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Basically (beisicli) básicamente Basically, you are spending too much money (This is the most important point)
Actually (akchtuali) de hecho You think I'm wrong, but actually I'm right. (I'm correcting you as gently as possible)
Quite honestly Quite honestly, you need a better job. (I'm going to speak to you sincerely)
Apparently (apárently) aparentemente, al parecer Apparently, there are good jobs in the City (I've heard this, but I don't know if it's true)
Admittedly ciertamente, verdaderamente Admittedly, you'd have to move. (I know this point weakens what I'm saying)
Surely (shorly) seguramente Surely you can understand what I'm saying? (I don't know why you don't agree with me)
After all después de todo, al fin y al cabo After all, I gave you god advice before (Don't forget this. It explains why I'm right)
As a matter of fact por cierto, de hecho As a matter of fact, I saved your company (This is a fact which might surprise you)
Mind you eso sí, dirás The meal was fantastic -- expensive, mind you! (It occurs to me that this contrasts with what I just said)
Actually en realidad, realmente Actually, you didn't thank me then, either. (I'm adding some new information to what just I said)
I mean I mean, why should I bother about you? (I'm trying to make things clear to you)
Obviously claro, por supuesto, evidentemente Obviously, you aren't going to take my advice. (This fact cannot be doubted)
At least por lo menos, al menos At least, I doubt if you will (I'm correcting or changing what I just said)
Naturally desde luego, por supuesto Naturally, you'll do what you think is best (Of course this is what I would expect)
Anyway de todos modos Anyway, it's up to you. (I'm concluding, and not talking about any more)
All in all en términos generales, en conjunto, en general All in all, finding an interesting job isn't easy (I'm considering very part of the situation)
So to speak por así decirlo The ball's in your court, so to speak. (I'm using words that don't have their usual meaning)
By the way por cierto By the way, can you lend me some money? (Changing the topic)
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