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Vocabulary for different kinds of foods

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BEANS We ate rice and beans for dinner a seed that is eaten as a vegetable and that comes from many different kinds of climbing plants
BROCCOLI Eating broccoli is very healthy a common vegetable that has green branches and many small green flowers
EGGPLANT Eggplant is used in many vegetarian dishes a vegetable with shiny dark purple skin and soft white flesh
GRAINS Many people are trying to have more whole grains in their diets the seeds of plants (such as wheat, corn, and rice) that are used for food
WHOLEMEAL Wholemeal bread is healthier than white bread dark bread or flour
OATMEAL I usually have oatmeal for breakfast a hot breakfast food that is made from oats
MANDARINES Mandarin is my favorite fruit a small type of orange that is easy to peel
PEAR Pears are juicy and sweet a yellow or green fruit that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom
DAIRY Jane is allergic to dairy. She can't eat anything that has milk in it. foods made from milk
SOUR CREAM I'd like some extra sour cream with my nachos, please. a thick cream that has a sour flavor
SEAFOOD Japanese cuisine has a lot of seafood in it. fish and shellfish that live in the ocean and are used for food
FLOUNDER Do you know any recipes for baked flounder? a type of fish that has a flat body and that is eaten as food
OYSTERS Oysters are delicious... to some people :) type of shellfish that is eaten both cooked and raw
BEEF There are a lot of ways to cook beef. What's your favorite? meat that comes from a cow
VENISON Venison goulash is quite a popular dish in the Czech Republic meat that comes from a deer
LAMB I had some really yummy lamb curry yesterday...mmm :) meat that comes from a young sheep
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