Ten Things in the Kitchen

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Common things found in the kitchen

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APPLIANCES Many kitchen appliances are quite expensive :( machines that are designed to do a particular thing in the home, such as preparing food, heating or cleaning
OVEN I use my oven all the time because I absolutely love baking :) a kitchen appliance that is used for baking or roasting food
STOVE Do you have an electric stove or a gas stove? an appliance for cooking
BLENDER Rose makes delicious smoothies with her new blender an electric appliance for mixing soft food or liquid
MIXER Beat eggs and sugar in an electric mixer until very thick. an appliance used for mixing things
FRYING PAN You need a frying pan to make an omelette. a metal pan that has a long handle and is used for frying
POT My Mom made a super huge pot of soup last week. We are still eating it. :) a deep round container used for cooking things in
UTENSILS We bought a new set of utensils yesterday :) tools that are used for eating, such as knives, forks and spoons
BOWL These soup bowls are lovely! a deep round dish with a wide open top, used for holding food or liquid
GRATER I need to buy a new cheese grater to make homemade pizza. a tool that has a rough metal surface with small holes and is used to cut food into small pieces
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