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Flash cards showing the many literary inventions created by Orwell for his dystopian masterpiece, 1984
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IngSoc English Socialism - The political ideology of Oceania. Big Brother is the manifestation of IngSoc and the Party.
Airstrip One What used to be called Britain, Airstrip One is now a part of Oceania - one of the three major powers in Orwell's world.
Eurasia and Eastasia The other two superpowers in the novel. In the simplest sense, Oceania represents America, Eurasia symbolises Russia and Eastasia depicts China.
Ministry of Love Keeps order through fear and brainwashing
Ministry of Plenty Keeps control of food supply. Responsible for rationing and hunger.
Ministry of Peace In control of the never-ending war between Oceania and the other powers.
Ministry of Truth Winston works here. Concerned with propaganda.
Newspeak An anti-language, designed to hinder expression.
Doublethink An effect of state brainwashing, this is when a person believes what they know to be untrue. 2+2=5, says Big Brother, and so it is.
Telescreen A two-way communication device. As you watch Big Brother, he watches you.
Two Minutes Hate A mandatory practice in Oceania. Citizens are encouraged to become enraged as they consider the enemies of the state.
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