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Quotes from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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“There must be something in books, something we can’t imagine, to make a woman stay in a burning house; there must be something there. You don’t stay for nothing.” “If you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you and you'll never learn.”
“I'm seventeen and I'm crazy. My uncle says the two always go together. When people ask your age, he said, always say seventeen and insane.” “The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her. The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies.”
“The books are to remind us what asses and fool we are." “A book is a loaded gun in the house next door...Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man?”
“If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one." “I don't talk things, sir. I talk the meaning of things.”
“See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security.” “Nobody listens anymore. I can't talk to the walls because they're yelling at me, I can't talk to my wife; she listens to the walls."
"He wore his happiness like a mask and the girl had run off across the lawn with the mask and there was no way of going to knock on her door and ask for it back.” "Books were only one type of receptacle where we stored a lot of things we were afraid we might forget. There is nothing magical in them, at all."
“‘Remember, the firemen are rarely necessary. The public itself stopped reading of its own accord.'” “It was a pleasure to burn.”
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