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What are fout important functions of the GIT? 1. Ingestion 2. Digestion 3. Absorption 4. Elimination
What are two functional disorders of the GIT? Dyspepsia Gastroesophageal reflux
What are three inflammatory conditions of the GIT? Mouth ulcers oesophagitis Gastritis
What are common conditions of the lower gastrointestinal tract? IBS Gastrointesinal infections Dysbiosis Constipation Inflammatory diseases such as ulcerative colitis
What does GALT stand for? Gut associated lymphatic tissue
What does GALT regulate? Immune system
Why is gastrointestinal function essential? Appropriate absorption of nutrients
Why is the elimination process so crucial? Promoting elimination function is crucial because if metabolic by products are reabsorbed this can cause problems. Metabolic by products from the liver are removed via the faceces.
If metabolic by products are not eliminated what system are the reabsorbed through? Enterohepatic circulatory system
Improving digestion also has a role in improving the hepatic and bilary functions as well. Is this true? Yes
What conditions do we treat in the GIT? Hypochlorhydria GORD Gastritis Peptic ulcers Intestinal permeability Dysbiosis IBS
list 20 herbal actions we can use to treat the GIT A,A,A,A,A,B,C,C, D,H,H,H, L,M,M,R,S,V,V,
What are the key constituents for the herbs which we use to treat the GIT? Stimulate motility Calming activity Increasing secretoins of acid, pepsin and mucous
What is the enzyme called in your saliva? Salivary amylase
WHat dose salivary amylase do? Splits bonds between glucose molecules
What is salivary lipase? This is an enzyme secreted between meals and about 30 percent of dietary fat is hyrolysed by this enzyme
What does pepsin break down? Protein
When the partially digested food enters the small intestines what does it mix with? Bile and pancreatic juices
What do bile salts do? Emulsify fats
What does pancreatic amylase do? Breaks carbohydrates into disaccharides
Disaccharidase does what? Breaks disaccharides into monsaccharides that are absorbed into the cells lining the small intestines
What are the enzymes called that break proteins down? Trypsin and chymotrypsin
What is a bitter? A substance that is bitter tasting and stimulates the upper gastrointestinal tract via the bitter taste buds of the mouth or by direct contact with the gastrointestinal tract
What do Bitters do? Bitters have a promoting effect on all components of the upper digestive functions, namely the stomach, liver, and pancreas. They improve appetite and digetsion
How do Bitters stimulate the self repair mechanisms in the GUT? They repair the gastric and duodenal mucosas
How do Bitters increase the muscle tone? They increase the tone of the oesophageal sphincter which could help in oesophageal reflux They increase the muscle tone of the stomach and small intestines which could help with constipation
How do Bitters increase intrinsic factor secretions? By allowing Vitamin B12 to be absorbed
What is the naturopathic understanding of Bitters? Increases vitality Increases PSN and decreases SN
How do Bitters stimulate appetite and release of digestive juices? Mouth - Increases saliva Stomach - Increases gastric acid and pepsin Pancreas - Increases gastric acid and pepsin secretions Liver - Increases bile
How do bitters aid in liver function and increase the flow of bile? Better digestion and assimilation of fat Increases elimination of waste products from the liver Decreases the likelyhood of developing gallstones Acts as a mild laxative
Do Bitters help to regulate the secretion of pancreatic hormones thereby helping to regulate blood sugar? Yep the help with insulin and glucagon secretions
Why does the stomach require acid? Acid is need to digest proteins It is required for proper emptying to occur It sterilises the stomach adn kills bacteria adn yeast that have been ingested Required for absorption of nutrients
What problems can arise from hypochlorhydria? Failure to digest food properly Failure to absorb trace elements Failure to sterilise the stomach contents Malabsorption issues
What are the 7 symptoms of hypochlorhydria? 1. Malabsorption 2. Wind, gas, bloating due to fermentation 3. Allergies - immune system reactions 4. GORD 5. Iron def 6. B12 def 7. Dysbiosis
What are proton pumps? They line the stomach. They pump hydrogen ions from the blood stream into the lumen of stomach. Stomach acid is concentrated hydrogen ions. Tight junctions prevent these ions from leaking out, but if there is inflammation or leaky gut then they leak out.
What causes hypocholorhydria? Genetics Age Stress Diet Alcohol Coffee Antacids, anti inflammatory H.pylor infection Gastritis, anaemia, autoimmune disease
Indications for Bitters? lack of appetite Nutritional deficiencies Fever management Food allergies / atopic conditons
What are the indications for Bitters? Gallbladder and liver disease Hypoglyacemia Inflammatory conditions of the gut or peptic ulcers GALT Autoimmunity Detoxification and elimination Anxiety and SNS dominance Vitality
What are the dose instructions for Bitters? Simple LE 5-20 drops in 10-30 ml of water to prime digestion s Sip slowly before meals take 15 mins before meals
What conditions are Bitters contraindicated in? Hyperacidity Gastric ulcers GORD caused by hyperacidity
Name 5 Bitters Taraxacum officinale - Dandelion Harpagophytum procumbens - Devils claw Gentiana lutea - Gentian Cynara scolymus - Globe artichoke Hydrastis canadensis - Golden seal
What are the common names for these 5 Bitters? Hydrastis canadensis Humulus lupulus Olea europaea Polygala tenuifolia Golden seal Hops Olive leaf Polygonum multiflorum
What are the botanical names for the following bitters? Quin hao True Unicorn White horehound Wood betony Wormwood Yarrow Artemisia annua Aletris farinose Marrubium vulgare Stachys betonica Artemisia absinthium Achillea millefolium
List four aromatic digestives 1. Amomum cardamomum- cardamon 2. Angelica archangelica - angelica root 3. cinnamomum zeylanicum - cinnamon 4. citrus reticulate - chen Pi
What are the common names for the following aromatic digestives? Foeniculum vulgare Pimpinella anisum Zingiber officinale Fennel Aniseed Ginger
List one antacid? Filipendula ulmaria - meadow sweet
list 6 demulcents Althaea officinalis - marshmellow root Glycyrrhiza glabra - licorice Linum usitatissimum - Flax seeds Plantago psyllium - Ribwort Stellaria media - chickweed Ulmus rubra - slippery elm