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What is Respiration? Respiration is the release of energy from food.
What is the equation for respiration is Glucose+Oxygen=energy+water+carbon dioxide
What is Anerobic respiration? Anerobic Respiration is respiration without oxygen.
When might anerobic respiration occur? Anerobic respiration might occur when you are doing a lot of exercise.
What are red blood cells ? Red blood cells are cells in the body that carry oxygen around the body and they contain haemoglobin.
What is tempreture does the human body have to be at to function ? The human body have to be at 37 degrees
How do you breathe through your nose? You inhale air thourgh your nose it then travels down your trachea to the bronchus then carries air to the lungs and the bronchioles then the bronchioles carry air to the alveolus.
How do we inhale air? O2 passes from lungs into blood Your blood carries 02 to the bodys cells for Aerobic respiration.
How do we exhale air? Co2 and H20 enter the blood and go to the lungs the lungs then breathe out waste C02 and H20
What is the trachea? It is your windpipe that carries air to and from the lungs.
What are bronclous ? They carry air between the windpipe and a lung.
What bronchiolas? A smaller branch of the branclous they carry air to and from the alveoli air sacs.
What are aveolus or alveoli Tiny air sac each lung contains millions of alveoli surrounded by capillaries there function is gas exchange.
What is the diaphragm? A sheet of musle works with intercostle museles it causes air to move in and out of the lungs
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