Mains Electricity

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How many Wires do Ring Main Circuits consist of? Three Wires: - Live Wire - Neutral Wire - Earth Wire
What does the Live Wire do? It provides the path along which the Electrical Energy from the Power Station travels
What does the Neutral Wire do? It completes the circuit
What does the Earth Wire do? The Earth Wire usually has no current in it. It is there to protect you if an appliance develops a fault. It provides a path for current to escape without passing through the user
What is the advantage of Ring Main Circuits? Ring Main Circuits provide a way of allowing several appliances in different parts of the same room to be connected to the mains using the minimum amount of wiring.
How much is the Voltage of the Mains Electricity supplied to homes in many countries? The Mains Electricity supplied to homes in the UK, China, India, and many other countries is between 220V and 240V.
What happens if you come into contact with Mains Electricity? You could receive a severe electric shock, which might even be fatal.
How is the Electric Shock caused by touching the Mains Electricity is prevented? The outer part of a plug called the casing is made from plastic, which is a good insulator.
How are the plugs connected to the Mains Electricity. Connections to the circuits are made via three brass pins, as the metal 'brass' is an excellent conductor.
What does the fuse contain? The Fuse is usually in the form of a cylinder or cartridge, which contains a thin piece of wire made from a metal that has a low melting point.
What happens when too large a current is in the circuit? The Fuse wire becomes very hot and melts. The Fuse 'blows'. The circuit is now incomplete so there is no current.
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