Word Roots Cycle 2

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counter- against, opposite
in- in, into, not
inter- between
re- back, again
sub- under
con- with, together
circum- around
de- away, down
post- after
pre- before
ex- out, away, from
cogn/cogni know
termin end, limit
juven young
ven/vent come
capt/cept take, hold
tact touch
scrib/script write, written
aqua water
mar sea
pugn fight
act do, drive
aud/audi hear
-ence state, quality, act
-ible able to be
-ion state, quality, act
-ant that which
-acious having the quality of
-ine like, related to
-ile of, related to
-ure process, condition
-ate to make, to act
-tion state, quality, act
-al like, related to
-ation an action of process
-ize to make, to act
aquamarine blue-green in color, like sea water
marine of or pertaining to the sea
submarine being, living or used to under water
pugnacious have a quarrelsome of aggressive nature
repugnant distasteful; offensive or revolting
counteract to act directly against; to prevent from affecting
interaction communication between two or more things
reaction a response
audience a group of listeners or spectators
inaudible unable to be heard
circumscribe to draw around; to encircle
describe to represent with words or pictures
inscription an engraving on a coin or other object
postscript an addition to an already completed letter, article, or book
prescription a written order for medicine
intercept to stop of interrupt the course of
recapture the taking back of something
contact the state of touching or meeting
intact with nothing missing; left whole
tactile of or relating to the sense of touch
cognition process of acquiring knowledge
recognize to identify someone of something seen before
determination an intent to reach a goal
exterminate to destroy or get rid or completely
terminal related to something leading to the end or to death
juvenile youthful of childish; immature
rejuvenate to bring back to youthful strength or appearance
circumvent to go around; to bypass restrictions
convention a gathering or assembly of people with a common interest
intervene to come between; to intercede
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