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Which group of molecules contains triglycerides and functions in energy storage? Lipids
This diagram represents the molecular structure of ? glucose.gif (image/gif) Carbohydrate
This molecular structure represents which macro-molecule lipid.jpg (image/jpg) Lipid
Maltase is an enzyme found in cells. The diagram shows the activity of Maltase: What is the function of maltase in the cell? maltase.gif (image/gif) Breaks the bond between glucose molecules
Why do animals need a regular supply of carbohydrates? To provide a source of cellular energy
Enzymes are Catalysts. How do they increase reaction rates? Provide a site for a substrate to react, and Lower the energy of activation,
What is the function of this Macro-molecule? fatty_acid.jpg (image/jpg) This is a LIPID: Energy Storage
Which macro-molecule has a structure made of an amino acid chain? Proteins
Enzymes are proteins. What is the function of enzymes? Reduce the activation energy needed for reactions
Nucleic acids are found in what cell structure? Nucleus
Which Macro-molecule is the main component of the cell membrane? Lipid
What are the 3 main functions of the Macro-molecule Protein? 1. Repairs and Builds 2. Act as antibodies 3. Act as enzymes
What is the name of the main monomer that makes up carbohydrates? Glucose
What is the primary function of DNA in organisms? Stores Genetic information
Which molecules store and transmit genetic information? Nucleic Acids
Antibodies and enzymes are composed primarily of amino acids. In which class of bio molecules would antibodies and enzymes belong? Proteins
The enzyme catalse is involved in the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. During this reaction the catalase...... Is unchanged
Which best describes the role of enzymes in a chemical reaction? Increases the reaction rate
This diagram represents which macro-molecule? dna_structure.gif (image/gif) Nucleic Acid
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