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PCs A desktop PC usually has these basic components: a monitor, a keyboard, a system unit and a mouse.
Laptops A laptop computer is slightly larger and much heavier than an A4 file.
Notebook A notebook computer is a small laptop computer that is about as big as an oversized book. A notebook computer is likely to be half the size of a laptop and is lighter and easier to carry.
Netbook A netbook computer is a very small laptop that is optimized for Internet and email access. It is intended to be light and easy to carry and has a long battery life.
Hand-held A handheld computer or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or palmtop can fit in one hand or in your pocket, but it is too small for general work. A PDA usually has a touch sensitive screen. Although PDAs can be temporarily attached to a Keyboard, you cannot comfortably type a long document into a PDA.
Smartphone: A smart phone is a mobile phone with the functions of a PDA. Hand-held computing devices can perform a range of activities such as personal record-keeping and satellite navigation.
Main frame A mainframe computer is a very large and expensive computercapable of supporting hundreds, or even thousands, of users simultaneously.
Super computers These are the fastest type of computers. Supercomputers are very expensive and are employed for specialized applicationsthat require immense amounts of mathematical calculations. For example, weather forecasting requires a supercomputer. Other uses of supercomputers include animated graphics, fluid dynamic calculations, nuclear energy research, and petroleum exploration.
Embedded computers An embedded computer is designed for and built into a specific application where it will perform a limited range of dedicatedfunctions. The size and functionality of an embedded computerdepends on the application. They may be very small devices built into a single microchip and may control.
Games consoles A games console is a PC that is designed specifically for playing games.