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What is Custom Written Software? Developed to fit the Clients needs and wants No part of the software that isn't needed Suits Clients working methods More expensive
Definition of Custom Written Software Often created for very specialized tasks, when a generic, off the shelf, solution does not already exist
What does a Knowledge Based System contain? A Knowledge base- the store of the systems information A Rules Base- Rules applied to Knowledge Base Inference Engine- contains algorithms that are applied to Rules Base HCI- through the user can ask question and receive answers
What is a Batch Operating System? Run in single sessions at regular intervals after all data has been input Processed the same way No Human intervention needed Can be done in machines downtime
What is Real time operating System? Data is processed immediately e.g. Flight booking system online & Hotel room booking
What is a single user operating system? Only one person is allowed to log in at once (windows)
What is a Multi-User operating system? Several terminals from one central computer Users have different permissions e.g. Supermarket Checkout
What is a Multi-Tasking System? Can run more than one application at once Slice of processor time allocated to each thing e.g. Windows- Revising and listening to Music
What is a Distributed System? User profiles taken from a central server On logging off the users profile is saved e.g. School Network
What is a Utility? system software used to perform standard operations, as sorting data or copying data from one file to another, for application programs or other system software.
What does Compression Software do? Reduces File Size Zipped folders can contain more than one file Useful for video, audio and images On Email can be sent easier?
What is a Hardware Driver? Provides a connection between operating system and new hardware. e.g. if you get a new printer
What does a Anti- Virus Software do? Regularly scans system for threats Can delete viruses and send virus details to developer
What does a File Handler do? Manage or organise data storage Allows files to be deleted or accessed Passwords can be used for protection
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