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Definition of a Human-Computer interface A HCI provides the means to give computers instructions and receive its output
What does a GUI stand for? Graphical User Interface
What are the main features of a GUI? Icons Windows Menus Pointer
Two examples of software which uses a GUI Word Processor Internet pages
Three Advantages of a GUI Easy to use Dont need any real computing knowledge Often comes with help tools
Three disadvantages of a GUI Needs more RAM to run More processing power needed Can be slower than a command line
What are the main features of a Menu Interface? Takes users from one screen to another based on choices made from a simple menu
Two examples of software which uses a Menu Interface Cash Machine DVD Movie Menu
Three advantages of a Menu Interface Easy to use Cannot get lost in Easy to create
Three disadvantages of a Menu Interface If badly designed can be slow and confusing Can be boring and irritating Takes a long time
What are the Main Features of a Form Based Interface? Computer based data capture interface and can be made of single line text fields, text boxes, drop down menus, tick boxes and radio buttons
Where would you normally find a Form Based Interface? Online Questionnaires Credit card information (online shopping)
Three advantages of a Form Based Interface Easy to summit details No handwriting errors Autofill options
Three disadvantages of a Form Based Interface Time consuming Options may be limited Validation rules might reject information
What are the main features of a Natural Language Interface? Allows users to speak or type normally
Two Examples of a Natural Language Interface Siri Dictation Software
Three advantages of a Natural Language Interface No training needed Ideal for physically disabled users Novel (Fun)
Three disadvantages of a Natural Language Interface GUI can be easier to use May struggle with accents Relies on quality of programming
What is a Command Line Interface? Typically only used by technicians
Three advantages of a Command Line Interface All functions of software avaliable Features can be accessed quickly Little memory needed
Three disadvantages of a Command Line Interface Software Specific Language must be known Spelling mistakes and Typos have a effect File and Folder structure not obvious
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