Animal vocabulary - Beginners and Intermediates

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Animal flashcards for practicing vocabulary, plural forms and other nouns related to the animal kingdom

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Dog (binary/octet-stream) DOG Dogs only have SWEAT GLANDS in their PAWS. Dog (binary/octet-stream)
Cat (binary/octet-stream) CAT Cats are FELINES. Cat (binary/octet-stream)
Bird (binary/octet-stream) BIRD Birds HATCH their eggs in NESTS. Bird (binary/octet-stream)
Lion (binary/octet-stream) LION Lions live in SAVANAS. Lion (binary/octet-stream)
Turtle (binary/octet-stream) TURTLE Turtles are REPTILES. Turtle (binary/octet-stream)
Butterfly (binary/octet-stream) BUTTERFLY BUTTERFLIES are INSECTS. PS: a forma plural de butterfly altera o fim da palavra,e não simplesmente incluí-se a letra "S". Isso acontece com algumas palavras no inglês.
Wolf (binary/octet-stream) WOLF WOLVES live in PACKS. PS: Assim como Butterfly, o plural de Wolf não se dá apenas com a adição do "S", mas sim com uma alteração maior no fim da palavra.
Mouse Rat (binary/octet-stream) MOUSE In the WILD, MICE are HERBIVORES PS: Nesse caso, a palavra toda se altera para atender à forma plural. Mouse Rat (binary/octet-stream)
Ant (binary/octet-stream) ANT The ants live in a COLONY with their Queen. Ant (binary/octet-stream)
Bat (binary/octet-stream) BAT Bats are MAMMALS, so they drink milk when they are born, like HUMANS. Bat (binary/octet-stream)
Zebra (binary/octet-stream) ZEBRA "ZEBRA(S) use their stripes as CAMOUFLAGE. PS: O plural de zebra pode ser ZEBRA ou ZEBRAS. Zebra (binary/octet-stream)
Bear (binary/octet-stream) BEAR Bears have a very powerful SENSE OF SMELL, even better than dogs.
Whale (binary/octet-stream) WHALE Whales are social animals and travel in groups called PODS. Whale (binary/octet-stream)
Abelha (binary/octet-stream) BEE The bees produce honey in the HIVES. Abelha (binary/octet-stream)
Tiger (binary/octet-stream) TIGER Tigers are CARNIVOROUS. Tiger (binary/octet-stream)
Sheep (binary/octet-stream) SHEEP A group of SHEEP is called FLOCK. PS: O plural de sheep sempre será sheep, sem nenhuma alteração. Sheep (binary/octet-stream)
Chicken (binary/octet-stream) CHICKEN Chickens are birds, so they are COVERED IN FEATHERS. Chicken (binary/octet-stream)
Rabbit (binary/octet-stream) RABBIT Rabbits are RODENTS. Rabbit (binary/octet-stream)
Pig (binary/octet-stream) PIG Pigs are OMNIVORES and they use their SNOUT to find food in the ground. Pig (binary/octet-stream)
Cow (binary/octet-stream) COW Cows are red-green COLORBLIND. Cow (binary/octet-stream)
Dolphin (binary/octet-stream) DOLPHIN Dolphins have amazing SONAR skills. Dolphin (binary/octet-stream)
Duck (binary/octet-stream) DUCK Some ducks MIGRATE every year. Duck (binary/octet-stream)
Elephant (binary/octet-stream) ELEPHANT Elephants have the longest GESTATION PERIOD of all mammals. Elephant (binary/octet-stream)
Penguin (binary/octet-stream) PENGUIN Some penguins MATE WITH the same partner season after season". Penguin (binary/octet-stream)
Owl (binary/octet-stream) OWL Owls have powerful CLAWS and are NOCTURNAL animals. Owl (binary/octet-stream)
Monkey (binary/octet-stream) MONKEY Monkey are PRIMATES, just like APES and HOMINIDS. Monkey (binary/octet-stream)
Gorila (binary/octet-stream) GORILLA Gorillas are APES, but not monkeys. Gorila (binary/octet-stream)
Chimpanzee (binary/octet-stream) CHIMPANZEE Chimpanzees are 96% GENETICALLY similar to HUMANS. Chimpanzee (binary/octet-stream)
Kangaroo (binary/octet-stream) KANGARRO Kangarros are ENDEMIC TO Australia. Kangaroo (binary/octet-stream)
Horse (binary/octet-stream) HORSE DOMESTIC horses have a LIFESPAN of around 25 years. Horse (binary/octet-stream)
Goat (binary/octet-stream) GOAT Goats are RUMINANTS. Goat (binary/octet-stream)
Fish (binary/octet-stream) FISH FISH(ES) are VERTEBRATES. PS: O plural de fish é FISH ou FISHES. Fish (binary/octet-stream)
Fox (binary/octet-stream) FOX Foxes dig underground DENS where they hide from PREDATORS. Fox (binary/octet-stream)
Frog (binary/octet-stream) FROG Some SPECIES of frogs are POISONOUS. Frog (binary/octet-stream)
Goose (binary/octet-stream) GOOSE It takes about two years for GEESE to be fully MATURED. PS: Na forma de plural, a palavra goose sofre uma alteração, e não possui "S" no fim. Goose (binary/octet-stream)
Shark (binary/octet-stream) SHARK Sharks have two SENSORY ORGANS that humans don't have. Shark (binary/octet-stream)
Giraffe (binary/octet-stream) GIRAFFE Giraffes SAMPLE vegetation only one week after they are born. Giraffe (binary/octet-stream)
Rhinoceros (binary/octet-stream) RHINOCEROS (RHINO) RHINOCEROSES (Rhinos) can SPRINT at 30 miles per hour. Rhinoceros (binary/octet-stream)
Hippopotamus (binary/octet-stream) HIPPOPOTAMUS (HIPPO) Hippopotamuses (Hippos) can consume 68 kg of GRASS each night. Hippopotamus (binary/octet-stream)
Camaleon (binary/octet-stream) CHAMALEON Chameleons live in WARM varied HABITATS from RAINFORESTS through to deserts. Camaleon (binary/octet-stream)
Crab (binary/octet-stream) CRAB Most species of crabs live in COASTAL areas of SALTY, FRESH or BRACKISH water. Crab (binary/octet-stream)
Squid (binary/octet-stream) SQUID GIANT squids have eyeballs that are the same SIZE as a standard basketball. Squid (binary/octet-stream)
Slug (binary/octet-stream) SLUG Slugs have two pairs of RETRACTABLE TENTACLES on top of the their heads. Slug (binary/octet-stream)
Camel (binary/octet-stream) CAMEL CAMELS have three EYELIDS and two rows of EYELASHES that prevent sand to enter their eyes. Camel (binary/octet-stream)
Cockroach (binary/octet-stream) COCKROACH Cockroaches can survive being SUBMERGED under water for half an hour. Cockroach (binary/octet-stream)
Cricket (binary/octet-stream) CRICKET Male crickets make music by RUBBING their wings together. Cricket (binary/octet-stream)
Parrots (binary/octet-stream) PARROT Some parrots are known for imitating human VOICES. Parrots (binary/octet-stream)
Snake (binary/octet-stream) SNAKE Snakes have flexible JAWS which allow them to eat PREY bigger than their head. Snake (binary/octet-stream)
Crocodile (binary/octet-stream) CROCODILE Crocodiles are closely RELATED to DINOSAURS. Crocodile (binary/octet-stream)
Wasp (binary/octet-stream) WASP Different from bees, wasps can STING over and over again. Wasp (binary/octet-stream)
Spider (binary/octet-stream) SPIDER The SILK in a spider’s WEB is actually five times stronger than a strand of steel the same thickness. Spider (binary/octet-stream)
Deer (binary/octet-stream) DEER Male deer are usually called 'BUCKS'. Large male deer are often called 'STAGS'. PS: assim como SHEEP, o plural de Deer é igual seu singular. Não se acrescenta "S". Deer (binary/octet-stream)
Moose (binary/octet-stream) MOOSE Only male moose grow ANTLERS. PS: assim como SHEEP, o plural de Moose é igual seu singular. Não se acrescenta "S". Moose (binary/octet-stream)
Eagle (binary/octet-stream) EAGLE Eagles build their nests on high CLIFFS or in tall TREES. Eagle (binary/octet-stream)
Armadillo (binary/octet-stream) ARMADILLO Armadillos bodies (head, back, legs and tail) are COVERD with BONY PLATES. Armadillo (binary/octet-stream)
Sealion (binary/octet-stream) SEALION Sealions can DIVE up to 1000 feet. Sealion (binary/octet-stream)
Seal (binary/octet-stream) SEAL Seals have thick FUR and BLUBBER that offer protection against FREEZING temperatures. Seal (binary/octet-stream)
Louse (binary/octet-stream) LOUSE LICE will die within 1 to 2 days after being off their HOST because they no longer have a food SOURCE. PS: Assim como Mice, forma plural de Louse é LICE. Louse (binary/octet-stream)
Seagoal (binary/octet-stream) SEAGOAL Seagoals are able to drink salt water. They have special glands which eliminate excess SALT from the body. Seagoal (binary/octet-stream)
Puma (binary/octet-stream) MOUNTAIN LION, PUMA OR COUGAR Male pumas can occupy a RANGE as large as 100 square miles. Puma (binary/octet-stream)