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Question Answer
Bias DefinitionBias Definition: the tendency to favor for or against a thing, person or group without proper merit. Synonyms: bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, favoritism Example: Ms. Shirley wasn't allowed to judge the History Day projects because she would show bias toward her son. Judges can’t show personal bias while making a decision about whether or not someone is guilty.
Dispute Definition: a disagreement between two or more parties or groups. Synonyms: debate, argument, conflict Example: Ms. Ten Eyck and Ms. Shirley had a dispute over whether or not dogs or cats are the best animals. There was a dispute among students over the last piece of cake.
Negatives Definition: all the words that mean “no” in a sentence. A double negative is an error in which two negatives are used together in a sentence. You can correct a double negative by removing one negative. Examples: nobody, nowhere, never, no, not, don’t, won’t, didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t
in- not Examples: incomplete, incorrect, intolerant, inaccurate, informal, invisible im- not Examples: impossible, improper, immature, impatient, impolite, improbable
Alliteration Definition: The repetition of initial sounds Examples: The tiger tackled the worker. Harry likes hot dogs with mustard. My mother told me to make my bed. Little llamas are called crias.