Physics Equations

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Question Answer
efficiency useful output/total input
gravitational potential energy (2) weight x height mass x gravity x height
kinetic energy 1/2 x mass x velocity"2"
weight (2) mass x gravity (10) density x volume x 10
speed (2) distance/time frequency x wavelength
frequency 1/time period
force on a spring spring constant x extension
water pressure 10 x depth x density
upthrust weight of water displaced
current charge/time
voltage energy/charge
resistance voltage/charge
pressure force/area
stopping distance braking distance + thinking distance
power (3) current"2" x resistance energy/time current x voltage
acceleration change in velocity/time
force mass x acceleration
work done force x distance
apparent weight true weight - upthrust
equation of motion final velocity"2" = initial velocity"2" + 2 x (10 forward -10 backward) x distance