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SALVATION - Describe the annunciation to Mary. -Angel Gabriel appeared 'do not be afraid you have found favor with God' - Angel tells Mary about Jesus' birth, he will be the 'son of most high' - Mary says 'how can this be since i am a virgin' - Angel replies 'the holy spirit will come upon you' -Angel then tells news of Elizabeth's birth 'for nothing is impossible with God'
SALVATION-What happened when the angel appeared to the shepherds when Jesus was born? -they were told 'do not be afraid' because they were terrified -then the angel announced the news of Jesus' birth and tells the shepherds that he is the 'saviour'
SALVATION-Why did a pharisee not approve when a woman anointed Jesus' feet? - woman regarded as sinful -not pure enough to go to Jesus -seen as inappropriate due to bad reputation.
SALVATION- What did Jesus say and do to heal Jairus' daughter? -Jesus entered the house of Jairus and told everyone 'she is not dead but asleep' -Jesus then took his daughters hand and told her to 'get up'
SALVATION- (LOY/SOY)- 'The healing of Jairus' daughter is salvation history not a true story' (do you agree?) -Luke: the healing is a miracle by Jesus to show that he's the messiah and salvation comes through him 'just believe and she will be healed'. Jesus heals the woman with the hemorrhage and now the child therefore he is salvation -Other people disagree: because Jesus' resurrection took place, showing that raising someone to life was not impossible. - I think that Luke's account is true because the miracles emphasize that Jesus is the route to salvation and that if you 'believe' , you will be saved.
BACKGROUND- (LOY/SOY) - 'Luke's gospel is no longer relevant for Christians today' -Luke would say that it's still relevant because Jesus came for everyone's salvation , for the world, for everyone and for always and it has no time scale. -Other people say that because it was written 2000 years ago, that it cannot relate to modern society and that many issues that affect society today, were note important in Luke's time - I think that Luke's gospel is relevant for Christians today because people are still battling with the same issues; family,faith, religion and Luke's gospel teaches us how to deal with them because we need to 'believe' in the 'son of most high'.
BACKGROUND-Explain why Jesus preached from the book of Isaiah when he was in Nazareth. -the book was given to him by the people in the synagogue -he found the place where it was written, and what he was reading was relating to himself because he said ' the spirit of the lord is upon me' - he preached about how the messiah has come to save everyone
BACKGROUND-What does the word 'Gospel' mean? - 'Gospel' means good news -Gospel's refer to the teachings of Jesus and the apostles
BACKGROUND-Outline the reasons Luke gave to Theophilus for writing his Gospel. - to tell him of the information that he feels Theophilus should know -to write an orderly account so he knows the truth about Jesus.
BACKGROUND -Explain why Luke's Gospel is sometimes called Salvation History? - The meaning of 'Salvation' is to be saved and is referring to those who are to be saved through leading a christian life and repentance of sins - Luke shows Jesus to save people in many different situations, this is the history of Jesus' life.
BACKGROUND-What are the sources Luke used when writing his Gospel? - Quelle - Mark's Gospel - L
BACKGROUND- Explain why it is believed that Luke wrote his Gospel for Gentile (non-Jewish) Christians? - The Gospel was written for Theophilus who was a gentile - Luke was a gentile - It is shown through the rejection at Nazareth because he was rejected by the jews.
BACKGROUND-Explain how Luke's Gospel is 'good news' - 'good news' means gospel, and is about the teachings of Jesus and the apostles - Luke's gospel is his version of events and contains stories and teachings
SALVATION- Explain why Simeon was content to die after seeing Jesus in the temple. - He was promised to see Jesus before he died and he was an old man - As soon as Jesus walked in he knew he was the messiah 'for my eyes have seen thy salvation' so he was content to die.
SALVATION- Outline Luke's account of what Jesus preached in the synagogue at Nazareth (prophet Isaiah) - Jesus preached about the messiah -He told them 'the spirit of the lord is upon me', and begun to preach about the lord causing the crowd to question him.
SALVATION-(LOY/SOY) 'The people in the synagogue were completely wrong to reject Jesus. - Luke would say that the people were wrong to reject him because he told them that 'the spirit of the lord is upon me' meaning he is the 'most high' and blessed by God. - Other people may think that they could want to reject him because he was known simply as Joseph's son not the messiah. Also Jesus hadn't had a reputation for performing miracles yet meaning that people had no reason to believe him. Jesus knew this may happen as 2 prophets, Elijah and Elisha were rejected before. - I think that is some ways it was okay for the people to reject him because they had only known him as Joseph's son, so they would have thought it was strange. However it was wrong to reject him because people were supposed to be able to put their faith into the messiah ' your faith has saved you'.
BACKGROUND- (LOY/SOY)- 'Luke's Gospel is no help to Christians who are opressed' - Luke would say that the Gospel is help to Christians who are oppressed because the message of Luke is timeless and that even if the oppressed rebel, it is still there as a comfort to them. Also many people are affected by the same kinds of oppression today that Luke refers to. - Other people think that the gospel is not relevant because people in society today are likely to form groups to fight for their rights and freedom which was not valued in the time of Luke. - I think that it is helpful because there are many problems people have which cannot be solved in life and the gospel teaches us of salvation and how Jesus said 'the spirit of the lord is upon me' meaning he came to save us and preach good news.
SALVATION-(LOY/SOY)- 'The annunciation to Mary happened exactly as Luke describes it' - Some people think that the annunciation happened exactly as Luke describes it because Luke says that the angel told her 'nothing is impossible with God' meaning that God planned this to happen. - Other people think that it didn't happen as Luke said because Mary was a virgin and questioned the angel herself by saying 'how can this be since i am a virgin?' meaning that it is doubted. Also many ancient stories talk about virgin births so it could be seen symbolically. - I think that it happened as Luke described it because Luke said Mary was the immaculate conception meaning that God has prepared her for Jesus' birth.
SALVATION-(LOY/SOY)- 'Jesus healed people because he cared about them, not because they had faith' - Throughout the gospel Luke refers to Jesus as being the route to salvation, for example when he healed Jairus' daughter, Jesus said 'just believe and she will be healed' meaning that the people had faith and she was healed. - Other people think that just because people are healed for faith, doesn't mean that Jesus didn't care about them. The reason Jesus came to earth was to be everyone's salvation so he must have cared about them to go through the hatred he received. - I think that when Jesus performed his miracles, although he cared about them, faith played a strong part in the healing. When the sinful woman came to Jesus, he told her 'your faith has saved you' which shows how important faith is.
SALVATION-(LOY/SOY)-'The only important message in the story of the sinful woman is that faith brings salvation' -Some people may think that the only important message is that faith brings salvation because the woman was regarded as an outcast and Jesus was willing to allow her to continue what she was doing to him. Even though the crowd were negative, Jesus still accepted her because she had faith 'your faith has saved you'. - Other people think that forgiveness is an important message in the story of the sinful woman because before Jesus brought salvation to her through faith, she had to be forgiven 'Your sins are forgiven' Jesus told her. - I think that the story is just as much about forgiveness and repentance as it is about faith bringing you salvation because Jesus had to have the want to forgive in order to bring the salvation.
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS- Describe Luke's account of the transfiguration of Jesus. - Luke said that Jesus took Peter John and James and 'went up onto a mountain to pray' . As Jesus prayed, his appearance changed. -Luke says that Jesus' face became 'as bright as a flash of lightening' - Then, Moses and Elijah appeared and talked with Jesus. - When Peter and his companions became awake, they saw Jesus' glory. - As Moses and Elijah were leaving Peter said to Jesus 'Master... let us put up three shelters, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah' but he didn't know what he was saying. - They were scared as a cloud appeared and a voice said ' This is my son whom I have chosen: listen to him'. Jesus was alone. They kept this to themselves.
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS- (LOY/SOY) ' The transfiguration of Jesus was a personal experience, so no-one can understand its meaning' - Luke would say, at the baptism of Jesus, the voice from heaven talked directly to Jesus, but now the voice speaks so the disciples can hear as well meaning it wasn't just a personal experience. The witnesses were there to understand the symbolism, that Jesus is going to be left and therefore Jesus has the authority. - Other people would say that Luke said Peter, John, and James 'were very sleepy' meaning they weren't paying attention and could not understand. - I think that Luke would not have included this in his gospel if he thought that it could not be understood.
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS- Jesus asked Peter and his other disciples who people thought he was. Explain what the replies of Peter and the other disciples teach about Jesus' authority. - The disciples said that some people said Jesus was John the Baptist , Elijah or one of the old prophets. - These were all authority figures and this therefore shows us that Jesus was thought to have the authority to forgive sins like when he told the paralyzed man 'friend, your sins are forgiven'. - This teaches us that Jesus has power over death and also Peter answered Jesus' question saying that he is 'God's Messiah' meaning that Peter know Jesus has the ultimate authority which can forgive sins and heal the sick.
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS- (LOY/SOY) 'Jesus had no right to say that the paralysed man's sins were forgiven'. - Luke would say that Jesus had the right to say that the paralyzed mans sins were forgiven because he is 'God's Messiah' and therefore has the authority to forgive anyone. Jesus was God in human form and so his words were not blasphemous. - Sickness was associated with sin and so when Jesus told the man to 'get up and go home' it shows he can forgive. - Other people would think that forgiving the mans sins was wrong because the Pharisee said 'who can forgive sins but God alone?' meaning they thought Jesus was being blasphemous and so Jesus should have been more sensitive to the feelings of the Pharisees because Jesus told them he was 'the son of man'.
SALVATION-Jesus healed a woman with a haemorrhage. Explain what Christians might learn from this healing. - Christians may learn that Jesus respected men and women equally and so everyone was equal in the eyes of God - Jesus told the woman 'your faith has healed you' which shows us that faith alone can bring salvation even though the woman was 'unclean'. - When the woman touched the cloak, she was instantly healed and 'the power had gone' out from Jesus just like the healing of Jairus' daughter when Jesus said 'just believe and she will be healed'. Showing us that it doesn't matter on your circumstances in life, you can still be saved through faith .
SALVATION-Give an account of the conversation that took place when a sinful woman anointed Jesus’ feet at the house of Simon the Pharisee. - When the sinful woman anointed Jesus' feet at the house of the Pharisee, Jesus said 'Simon i have something to tell you' and Jesus told Simon about 'Two men who owed money to a money lender' who cancelled the debts. - One man owed more than the other and Jesus asked 'Which of them will love him more?' and Simon said 'the one who had the bigger debt'. - Jesus than explained to Simon by saying that 'you did not give me any water for my feet...' whereas the woman 'wet my feet with tears' and so Jesus said to her 'your sins are forgiven' and the crowd questioned this, then Jesus said to the woman 'your faith has saved you; go in peace'.
SALVATION-Explain what Christians can learn from Luke’s account of the healing of Jairus’ daughter. tbc
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS-Describe the baptism of Jesus as it is recorded in Luke’s Gospel. - While all the people were being baptized, Jesus was too. - As he was praying , the heavens opened and the holy spirit came down in bodily form as a dove. - A voice from heaven said 'You are my son whom i love and i am pleased'.
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS-In the story of Mary and Martha, explain briefly why Martha was upset with Mary. - Martha was upset with Mary because she needed help but Mary was sitting at Jesus' feet listening to hid teaching and Martha thought that Jesus did not care about how hard she was working.
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS- (LOY/SOY)- ‘Luke’s account of Jesus’ temptations is fact, not fiction.’ - Luke would say that the account of Jesus' temptations is fact because
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS-Give an account of the healing of the paralyzed man. tbc
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS-Son of Man and Son of God are titles of Jesus used in Luke’s Gospel. Explain what these titles show about Jesus’ authority. tbc
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS-(LOY/SOY)-‘It should have been clear to everyone who met Jesus that he was the Messiah.’ tbc
THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS- (LOY/SOY)- ‘Luke’s Gospel always shows Jesus as a man with authority.’ tbc
BACKGROUND-‘Luke’s Gospel was written only for Gentile Christians.’ tbc
BACKGROUND-‘Luke’s Gospel will always have authority for Christians.’ tbc
UNIVERSALISM-‘There can be no doubt that Jesus raised the Widow of Nain’s son from the dead.’ tbc
UNIVERSALISM-Explain what the story of Zacchaeus teaches about Jesus’ attitude to outcasts. tbc
UNIVERSALISM-(LOY/SOY)-‘The most important message of the Parable of the Lost Son (Forgiving Father) is that God forgives everybody.’ tbc
UNIVERSALISM-‘In the Parable of the Lost Son (Forgiving Father), the older son was right to be angry with his father.’ (what do you think?) tbc
UNIVERSALISM-In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, explain how the Samaritan showed kindness to the man who was attacked by robbers. tbc
UNIVERSALISM-(LOY/SOY)-‘The story of Zacchaeus shows that Christians should forgive everybody who has sinned.’ tbc
UNIVERSALISM-Describe what happened in the story of the Centurion’s Servant. tbc
UNIVERSALISM-(LOY/SOY)-‘The most important thing about the healing of the Centurion’s Servant is that it shows that Jesus came to save Gentiles.’ tbc
UNIVERSALISM-The following characters appear in the Parable of the Lost Son (Forgiving Father) – the father; the elder brother; the lost son. Choose two of these characters and explain their part in Jesus’ teaching about forgiveness. Do not retell the story. tbc
UNIVERSALISM-(LOY/SOY)-‘It is impossible for Christians today to follow Jesus’ teaching about forgiveness.’ tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-Outline the call of the first disciples. tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-What did Jesus say to warn people that it would be hard to follow him? tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-Explain briefly what the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus teaches about wealth. tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-‘Christians should not be wealthy.’ (what do you think?) tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-Give an account of the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-Explain briefly the meaning of the Parable of the Persistent Neighbour. tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-Jesus told would-be disciples that following him would be hard. Give one way in which Jesus explained this to them. tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-(LOY/SOY)-‘Modern leaders and celebrities are not good role models for Christians.’ tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-Describe Luke’s account of the betrayal of Jesus and his arrest on the Mount of Olives. tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-(LOY/SOY)-‘Judas was not a bad disciple.’ tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-Explain the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer in Luke’s Gospel. tbc
DISCIPLESHIP-(LOY/SOY)-‘Jesus’ example and teaching show that prayer should be at the centre of the lives of Christians today.’ tbc
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