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Práctica de gramática (use of English) nivel First Certificate.

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Although digital cameras have made it easier to ----------------- newsworthy events Grasp / capture / seize / trap To capture newsworthy events to grasp the idea / the gist
With news regularly breaking on social ---------------- networks / complexes / frames / structures on social networks
Some journalists are now turning to them as ------------------- of images as fast-moving events occur. bases /sources/roots/springs as sources of images
Despite official guidance that images -------------- on social media can be used deposited / planted / imposed / posted images posted on social media
If there are exceptional circumstances or --------------- public interest sharp /strong /fierce/ heavy there is strong interest
With research ____________________ that around one in ten people... indicating /displaying/presenting/expressing With research indicating that...
It is clear that User-Generated-Content has a major role to ---------------- in the future of media. Serve/apply/ play/face a major role to play
Steps must be ------------ to ensure that people....... climbed/made/walked/taken Steps must be taken to ensure
that permission is always...... applied/ sought / demanded /searched that permission is always sought to seek sought sought : buscar
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