Useful vocabulary for Spanish GCSE reading and listenings

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ya now/already
peor worst
suerte luck
olvidar to forget
como (not food) how
alguien someone
mismo the same
me da igual they are equal
otra vez again
a pesar de despite being..
conseguir to get
demasiado too
tengo ganas i feel like
subir to go up
bajar to go down
tanto stupid
dejar to leave
sabes? you know?
aunque although
un monton loads
algo something
calidad quality
nuestro our
casi almost
enfadado angry
tampoco neither
esperar to wait
aumentar to increase
todavia still/until
parecer to seem
mejorar to improve
pronto soon/early
en lugar de instead of...
evitar to avoid
ascabar de (+infinitive) To have just...(infinitive)
quisiera i would like (polite)
desde since
a menudo often
nadie no one
cosa(s) thing(s)
nuevo new
compartir to share
aprender to learn
me lo paso bien i have a good time
hasta until
me preocupa it worries me
me molesta it annoys me
me da miedo it scares me
hace falta its needed
ventaja advantage
claro clearly
orgulloso proud
estoy de acuerdo i agree
una vez once
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