religious studies- good and evil vocab

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vocab from good and evil

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conscience an inner voice or feeling giving guidance on the rightness or wrongness of behaviour
free will the belief that god created humans with the ability to make moral choices
golden rule jesus' teaching the people that they should treat others as they wish to be treated themselves
job biblical character whose faith is tested
moral evil evil and suffering caused by people
natural evil evil and suffering caused by natural events such as earthquakes
omnipotent powerful, able to do anything
omniscient all- knowing
original sin the sin which was brought into the world at the fall and which christianity teaches everyone is born with
redemption the idea that sins can be forgiven and person can be redeemed. jesus is often referred to by christians as the redeemer as he died for the sins of the whole world
sacrifice giving up a life for god
the devil/ satan a supernatural evil power
the fall the disobedience of adam and eve resulting in their expulsion from eden
theodicies arguments justifying why there is evil in the world if god is good