religious studies religion and science vocab

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vocab for religion and science

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Big Bang A scientific theory that a cosmic explosion caused the world to exist
Creation The act of creating something or the thing that is made, in the bible, the making of the world by god
Creationists/ literalists a name given to christians who interpret the bible literally and accept every word of the genesis story as literally true
dominion the idea that humans have control over or responsibility for the earth
evolution the way in which animals and plants adapt to their surroundings- survival of the fittest
ex nihilo a latin term relating to the creation story meaning the universe was created 'out of nothing'
genesis the first book of the bible, which contains the stories of creation
humanity caring and showing kindness to others, often a term used for all humans
non-literalist a name given to a christian who interprets the bible as more of a story than literalists and believes it contains important truths but is not a factual account
stewardship the god-given right or responsibility to care for and manage the world
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