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Year 1, term 1 and week 1 notes for my accounting and finance degree Topic - MN-1002 Maths

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What is a+b equivalent to? b+a
What is a-b equivalent to? -b+a
What is a-b+c equivalent to? (a-b)+c a+(-b+c)
What is ab equivalent to? ba The multiplication sign is usually omitted (not b x a)
What is abc equivalent to? (ab)c a(bc) The multiplication sign is usually omitted (not b x a)
What is an abstract expression? An expression that requires us to extract the underlying essence of a mathematical concept, and remove any connection to real world objects
What is the economic meaning of negative numbers? A loss
How do we simplify expressions? By putting terms of the same kind together i.e. 3a-4b+2a+5b-a-b = 4a
What does -(-3) equal? 3 The negative of a negative number gives the positive value of the number
What are the THREE multiplication rules? negative x negative = positive negative x positive = negative positive x negative = negative
What are the THREE division rules? negative / negative = positive negative / positive = negative positive / negative = negative
What is (-2) * (-4) * (-1) * 2 * (-1) * (-3) ? -48 An ODD number of negative signs in a multiplication or division sum gives an NEGATIVE answer
What is \[\frac{5 * (-4) * (-1) * (-3)}{(-6) * 2}?\] \[\frac{-60}{-12} = 5\] An EVEN number of negative signs in a multiplication or division sum gives an POSITIVE answer
What do the following equal: P*Q d*8 n*6*t z*z 1*t PQ 8d 6nt \[z^2\] t
What is the order in which we evaluate expression? BIDMAS Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction
How do we expand brackets? By multiplying terms to remove the brackets. Simplification is required when possible.
What is the tool used to expand TWO brackets? FOIL Foil+Diagram (binary/octet-stream)
Using FOIL, what does (a+b)(a-b) equal? \[a^2-b^2\]
What is the definition of factorisation? The operation of resolving a quantity into factors It is the opposite to expanding brackets 4(2x-6y) = 8x-24y so 8x-24y can be factored into 4(2x-6y)
How do we factorise simple (linear) expressions? 1. Find the highest common factor (HCF) of all of the terms in the equation 2. Put this quantity outside of the brackets 3. Fill the bracket with terms needed to multiply the HCF to give us the original equation
Factorise the following linear expression: \[6x-4y\] 1. The highest common factor between 6x and -4y is 2 2. 6x-4y = 2 3. 3x gives 6x when multiplied by 2 and -2y gives -4y when multiplied by 2 Therefore 6x-4y = 2(3x-2y)
Factorise: \[x^2-16\] \[9x^2-100\] \[x^2-4^2 = (x+4)(x-4)\] \[(3x)^2-10^2 = (3x+10)(3x-10)\]
State the coefficient, variable and power in the following expression: \[9x^4\] Coefficient = 9 Variable = x Power = 4
What is a monomial? An algebraic expression consisting of one term 2x
What is a polynomial? An algebraic expression consisting of more than two terms \[9x^2-3x+2\]
What is a linear expression? An algebraic expression consisting of one variable and a constant 4x+3
What are monomials with zero powers? Simply coefficients \[5x^0 = 5\]
State the numerator and denominator is the following fraction: \[\frac{a}{b}\] Numerator = a Denominator = b
How do we multiply fractions? Multiplying+Fractions (binary/octet-stream)
How do we divide fractions? Dividing+Fractions (binary/octet-stream)
How do we add or subtract fractions? 1. Convert the denominator to the same number in both fractions 2. Simply add or subtract the numerator and put over the denominator
How do we convert decimals, percentages and fractions into one another? Converting+Fractions,+Decimals+And+Percentrages (binary/octet-stream)
What are the four main inequality signs? Inequality+Signs (binary/octet-stream)
How do we solve inequalities? Solving+Inequalities (binary/octet-stream)
How do we graph inequalities? Graphing+Inequalities (binary/octet-stream)
What are the EIGHT exponent rules? Exponent+Rules (binary/octet-stream)
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